New Year, New Me…err, website.

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

I can’t believe the support I’ve received over the last week in regard to the new website! From the bottom of my heart, thank y’all!!! It’s been fantastic, and we’re not done yet, so please keep the feedback coming!

As many of you know, 2018 was really quite a year for me. Not sure when I’ll get around to writing a memoir, but 2018 will certainly have a few chapters! I was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy in March. The cause? Stress. Work stress to be exact. It certainly wasn’t my first call to slow down, but it was the grandest. I had a headache for three days. On the third day, I woke with a searing pain and a swollen tongue. My speech had started to slur, and given the falling snow, I called out sick and laid down. When I woke up, I couldn’t speak clearly. All feeling in the right side of my face – gone. I ignored what my body was telling me. I ignored what those around me were telling me. I ignored what my mind was telling me – just stop. To be honest, many won’t be able to tell, but I still don’t have full movement and probably never will. See, I’m a Marine’s daughter, so, I tend to keep adjusting pack, taking the hill, no matter what. In this case, I couldn’t keep it up and my personal health was the casualty.

I’m high energy by nature; I love what I do. This generally begs the question: Are you scared you’ll work too hard again? The biggest misnomer is that it’s not working too hard, it’s working too much. Our bodies need breaks. Each day, I look in the mirror and I see a face that is almost identical to the one I saw for 33 years, only it isn’t the same and it won’t ever be. I write that not to garner sympathy or support, but to let people know that I have a daily reminder of when to slow down. If I ever need to break out my #strokeface* photos to show you to slow down, I will.

I like to start new years with goals, not resolutions. They seem too…resolute. Too obstinate. I like goals. Goals are lofty, but achievable. They’re set, but still flexible. This year, as I set out on this new adventure (cliché, I know), I really want to focus on building something I am proud of and that will help each and every one of my clients achieve their goals, all while slowing down every once and awhile to enjoy the things in life I still love doing outside of work – hosting friends I don’t see nearly enough, traveling for pleasure, enjoying fabulous wine with whatever amazing concoction was dreamed up in the kitchen, painting and puzzling (newfound during the ‘Bell’s spell’), and taking an incredibly embarrassing amount of photos of my cats.

So, happy New Year! Thank you all for your continued support and I hope you enjoy whatever wild ride 2019 has in store for us!


*#strokeface is a term we came up with in my household to enjoy a little levity of what seemed like a bit of a serious situation. It is not to mean we are making light of anyone who has struggled with or been the victim of a stroke, nor do we mean to make fun of anyone that has temporary or permanent damage from a stroke.

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